Personalized nutrition counseling services

It is not what you eat, but what your body can assimilate. There is no perfect diet for everyone


Where do I begin?

This depends on where you are in your health journey. After a free discovery call, and you decide to experience my expertise if we are a fit, a health care intake form is filled out 

How do you conduct the sessions?

 The programs are done in person or via zoom. My group program is 8 weeks and includes 2 bonus sessions of a one one to discover where you need more help. 

what are the costs involved?

The cost varies depending on the package, or the number of sessions that we work together. I do have individual , package and group rates. 

What outcomes should I expect

Education based teaching and accountability to improve overall energy, improve mental clarity, sleep and metabolism . 

What if I am not ready for coaching ?

 I have a weekly newsletter, facebook group , and membership options available.