Hi, I’m Philip Mach

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor FNLP, CNC, MD

Philip Mach is a father, musician, sports official, master chef,  and practiced Pulmonary & Critical Care, Sleep, and Internal Medicine.  Philip has experience in personal training and public speaking and has been transitioning to  a full time health coach over the past 18 months.

He has always had an interest in alternative health and  functional medicine and believes that the body is capable of healing when presented with appropriate  nutrition and lifestyle support ; he believes that the present system for delivering and implementing chronic health care needs to  be overhauled to empower the patient to recognize and understand their personal body’s physiology to heal.  Philip transformed his own personal health challenges of SIBO , ADHD and Depression through healing the gut and brain connection with nutrition and lifestyle changes . He became a certified nutrition and lifestyle practitioner and coach when he realized that this was the best way to help and serve others with chronic health disease. He helps men and women business owners over 40 to optimize their nutrition and metabolism in order to create more happiness and energy in their lives so they can create more wealth in their business and achieve their lifetime goals . He assists people to be functional with their daily activities of living . Functional medicine utilizes a  full-body systems approach digging for the root causes of disease . By asking the right questions , this helps the patient make connections between their symptoms and their illness .  He believes in stress reduction and mindfulness using heart math and breath work, and is an advocate for a plant-based diet and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  He respects where people are in their health journey, recognizes their bio individuality and develops a therapeutic partnership with their care.

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“ My mission is to help people develop confidence in their daily food and lifestyle choices to create a positive outlook in order to have more energy and mental clarity ”
— Philip Mach—FNLP, CNC
— Philip Mach—


& Philosophy

After our free discovery call, I will schedule a comprehensive 60 to 90 minute in depth interview to discuss your entire health history . I hope to develop a therapeutic partnership with you so I am able to help you connect the dots  so you can see how your body works. This is a system based approach to your health for root cause resolution. 

The functional medicine approach provides valuable education and guidance to help you navigate the toxins we face on a daily basis. My goal is to provide you with the tools to make the right choices for your body so you can have the best outcomes for your overall health